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Why Max FSBO

List Your Home For Free!

maxFSBO offers home sellers:

Upon your listing approval you receive.


Website Listing

Internet listing for your home including photos and detailed description on  Your home marketed to thousands of local interested home buyers.

Audio “Walkthrough”

maxFSBO provides a TOLL FREE phone number potential buyers can call and hear a professional detailed description of your home.


A sign to place in your yard displaying the maxFSBO website and audio “walkthrough” information

Community Network

FSBO home buyers & sellers can ask questions to a professional, such as a mortgage loan officers, licensed Realtors, home owners insurance agents, closing companies, accountants…to help you through the process

Mortgage Pre-Approval

For potential buyers; to prevent “buyer fallout” and insure the buyer is ready and ABLE to purchase your home before you enter into contract and take you home of the market.


How can this be a free service?  What’s the catch?

There is something in it for Kash Mortgage Group, Inc. and the reason is simple….we are a mortgage company and we employ loan officers.  On average 30 people will inquire about buying your home, only 1 can buy your home so that gives us an opportunity to not only provide the financing for your home buyer but also an opportunity to supply financing for the other 29 people who don’t buy your home., in exchange for this free service, with exposure to many potential buyers, we ask you to provide us with a Log of Home Viewers and to hand out business cards to buyers that tour your home.  There is never a fee for this service, no obligation to for anyone to use Kash Mortgage Group, Inc. for there financing needs.