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Listing Tips

1. When you are listing your home for sale it is very important to price your home right. If you
want to sell your home you want to pick a price that is reasonable for the area and one that will
create excitement so that potential buyers will want to come and see your home. Listing your
home for to much will deter buyers from wanting to purchase your home.

2. Make sure you take great photos to show potential buyers what your home looks like. If you
take blurry pictures or pictures that make your home undesirable, you will deter potential
buyers from wanting to see you home. Some clients will pay a professional photographer to take
photo’s in order to ensure that when people see your hoe on-line hey will want to make an
appointment to see the home in person. Keep in mind your home will be up against others in
the surrounding area

3. If you get a call from a potential buyer ask them if they are pre-approved to purchase your
home. You don’t want someone coming to your home if they are not qualified to buy it. Kash
Mortgage Group Inc can help with this. Make sure you ask them to see their pre-approval before
making an appointment to tour your home

4. Be pre-pared. There are certain disclosures that you must complete in the state of Pennsylvania
and give to a potential buyer. Make sure you have an average cost of all your utilities in case the
potential buyer asks.

5. Make sure your home is tidy when a potential buyer wants to tour your home. Buyers have
problems seeing beyond any clutter so you want to make sure the house is tidy and the
potential buyer can see what they are getting in your home.

6. Be honest. Answer the potential buyer’s questions as honestly as you can. If you try to hide
something and they find out later after they buy your home you could be liable for damages. So
its much better to be honest and upfront with your buyer

7. Lastly stay in contact with us. We are here to answer questions for you and to help your buyer
get pre-approved and ready to buy your home quickly