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What’s the catch, How can this be free?

The owner of this web site is a mortgage company. On average 30 people will inquire about buying your home, only 1 can buy your home so that gives us an opportunity to not only provide the financing for your home buyer but also an opportunity to supply financing for the other 29 people who don’t buy your home., in exchange for this free service, with exposure to many potential buyers, we ask you to provide us with a Log of Home Viewers and to hand out business cards to buyers that tour your home. There is never a fee for this service, no obligation to for anyone to use Kash Mortgage Group, Inc. for there financing needs. .


Why should I use MaxFSBO to sell my home?

Why not its free, there is never any obligation and you can remove your home at any time. This is a way to get your home marketed for free


Who is MaxFSBO?

We are a free web site that will help you sell your home. The web site is owned by a mortgage company who has been in business for almost 20 years.


What happens if I want to remove my home from the web site or sell it to someone I find?

All you need to do is tell us and we will remove your home from the web site. We will never ask you for any money, this is a free web site. We hope you sell your home fast!


What happens if I decide to list my home with a real estate agent?

This does happen from time to time, if you decide to do this make sure to ask us if we know anyone. We have a great group of real estate agents we know that we would highly recommend to take great care of you.


Can I list my home on your web site even if I already have a real estate agent:

You sure can, remember this is a free site that is used to help generate interest in your property so the more avenue you have to market your home the better for you.